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I own this website simply for the fun of it and no other reason. Even though I have grown
Gloxinias in the past, postcards seem to consume my time these days.
If you interested in knowing more about my other hobby, visit my site at www.anyotherbids.com .
If anyone is interested in selling their plants there, let me know as well. We can maybe make a category just for gesneriads.
It's free to join, buy or sell. Imagine a place to list what you have for sale without cost.

Here is a vintage postcard that I recently found and have thought about selling. After many years of
buying, selling and collecting postcards, I have not found one before with gesneriads. Is anyone interested

Register on www.anyotherbids.com  ..... it's free. If there is enough interest I will list this vintage postcard on www.anyotherbids.com
                                                              my username on there is postcardcollecting.

Gloxinias ( Antonelli and Buell Hybrids )
Grown by Mrs. Edna Roberts
Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Natural Color Mike Roberts Postcard

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